Cultivate a Double Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)


This client wanted to see a massive surge in sales. We aimed to create a 2x ROAS, meaning they wanted to cultivate twice the amount in earnings that they spent on advertisements. Through SMStrategies’ proven methods, we helped their profits soar!

Client Objective

This client wanted to maintain a profitable ad spend. Their goal was to make twice the amount they spent on ads during their peak season (November through March). They also wanted to sell out of their planners.


The strategy that we applied here consisted of finding and scaling our best audiences with our best creative. We scaled this client, meaning we cost-effectively spent more so the client had more sales. 



This client saw their products flying off the shelves. Their sales exploded during their peak season. With $1.3M spent in ads, the client’s earnings soared to a colossal $2.6M.


One of the most significant pain points for business owners is successfully adding more money to campaigns. With SMStrategies’ proven methods, we scale your account, profitably.






Use Case 1: 2x ROAS Facebook Dashboard Results

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