Scale a New E-commerce Business from $0 to Fortunes


This client was a new business — a novel brand that required a fresh marketing approach. That’s where SMStrategies came in. We were able to turn this business into a money-making bonanza, through a state-of-the-art game plan and our recession-proof marketing.

Client Objective

The goal was to scale a new business. We sought to skyrocket this business’ profitability, going from $0 spent on ads to steep earnings.


Our strategy for clients with a new ad account is to create images, videos, and text that we know will perform best. It’s a tested method–  we’ve seen it work time and time again on many accounts.



April 2019 was the most profitable month for this business. With only $3,000 spent on paid ads, we almost tripled their profits to the extraordinary amount of $10,000! 

One of the most significant pain points for business owners is successfully adding more money to campaigns. With SMStrategies’ proven methods, we scale your account, profitably.

$3,000 SPENT

$10,000 Purchase Value

Don't Wait Any Longer. Start maximizing ad performance today!