Skyrocket Sales for a Lead Generation Brick and Mortar


This client understood the importance of an online presence. The pool and spa industry is behind the times, with old, clunky, websites that just aren’t functional. Without a functioning website and lead funnel, the client was unable to sell products during the statewide shutdown.

Client Objective

The objective was a new, functioning website and a constant stream of leads that could be generated and nurtured without customers physically stepping foot in the store.


The strategy that we applied here consisted of prioritizing top performing products and creating rich, dynamic product pages that allow for the customer to research and understand everything about the product without talking with a sales person.

With hundreds of products, we were able to re-design the website with products that had the highest profit margin. Next, we set up lead generation campaigns, which provided the client with contact information for HOT leads. Once the sales team contacted the leads, they were able to effortlessly close each customer because the customer had all the information they needed from the website.



In the last 6 months, this client has generated more than 200 leads, and they have had their most profitable year, despite the closures due to COVID-19.

As SMStrategies, we work on dialing in your perfect customer and we pair it with high-profit products, so the revenue to your business explodes. If you’re looking to generate more leads, we can help you! Book a call today.

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