Scale a New E-commerce Business


This novel business wanted to keep its spending down while expanding its sales. SMStrategies helped them maintain a minimum ad spend in their first few weeks of operation, while they saw their revenues continue to grow. Despite a low amount spent on ads, we skyrocketed their sales and had a massive surge in sales (and we’re talking HUGE here, more than a 5x Return on Advertising Spend)!

Client Objective

The goal was to scale a brand new business. We went from the company spending $0 on ads to them seeing huge daily earnings. We wanted to achieve massive profits while maintaining the acutely low ad spend of $50 per day. 


The minimum ad spend we require for Facebook ads is $50 per day. Due to an oversaturated market, a low budget can be hard to maintain profitability.

We helped this junior client dial in all the critical components of a successful campaign, and we talked about specific goals and metrics the client needs to be profitable with this ad spend.



Despite only spending the small amount of $50 per day, our exclusive SMStrategies’ approach boosted this clients sales. We maintained a 5x Return on Advertising Spending during this businesses’ first two weeks of sales. That’s an incredibly high profit! 

What’s our strategy for a low budget? At SMStrategies, we help you advertise your best products to the right person with the right message.


Return on Advertising Spending

Use Case 3 - Facebook Dashboard


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